Saturday, May 23, 2009

Night View at KLCC

Went to KLCC with Glenn, Poh Hui, Yee Pang and Fatt on Wednesday, 20th May 2009. We went there t buy our design magazines then at late evening, after having dinner at Burger King, we have our photoshooting. This was the first time we went for our photoshooting practise. We have fun.

1. Malaysia Great Jagung. [Tv: 0.3 sec; Av:f/3.5; ISO: 400]

2. KLCC Fountain. [Tv: 1.3 sec; Av:f/3.5; ISO: 400]

3. Mirror [Tv: 3.2 sec; Av:f/3.5; ISO: 400]

4. Glenn Splash [Tv: 1/13 sec; Av:f/5.6; ISO: 1600]

5. Whale Statute [Tv: 2.5 sec; Av:f/5.6; ISO: 400]

6. A Smiling Ring [Tv: 1/8 sec; Av:f/5.6; ISO: 800]

7. Busy Traffic [Tv: 3.2 sec; Av:f/5.0; ISO: 100]

8. Lights
[Tv: 1/6 sec; Av:f/5.6; ISO: 400]

[Tv: 1/13 sec; Av:f/2.6; ISO: 1600]

[Tv: 1.0 sec; Av:f/5.6; ISO: 400]

[Tv: 1/6 sec; Av:f/5.6; ISO: 1600]

[Tv: 3.2 sec; Av:f/5.6; ISO: 400]

[Tv: 1/13 sec; Av:f/5.6; ISO: 800]


HFORREST said...

ah for the lights, i think it will be cooool if u have some things to focus on the foreground, then all those un-focused lights as the background

Reuben said...

Good start on your practice. I think you have to be more hardworking and bring your tripod along. Seems like the images are blurred due to shakiness.

It's a good start. Keep going! Waiting to see more of your pics. Let me know when you update ur pics, man!
Next time we go shooting together la

Ruzy said...

harlo fellla...seems like u enjoyed ur recent photo shooting XD

Ruzy said...

anyway, not bad ^^ i really like the silky looking fountain XD